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Predictable growth

Sales is a profession. Prospecting is a completely different profession. Unfortunately, it is often underexposed or under the responsibility of sales. This is often the "bottle neck" in predictable growth.

If there is a sales development challenge, we often see that there is an issue with the structure of the sales team or the expectations of the sales team. We see in the more complex sales cycles that one person is responsible for all components in the sales funnel: research, prospecting, data collection, outbound sales, conversion, account management and customer success. This works well as long as the targets are met. When more pressure is put on the first part of the funnel, it turns out that they have difficulty with it or feel that it does not fit the role. You quickly get into a yo-yo effect where you are looking behind the facts of an empty pipeline.

When the responsibilities are divided and an SDR/BDR is present to take care of the first part of the funnel, this is often a junior. This person has no experience with the market, no experience with sales and no experience with the right tooling. You invest time and money in the training process, but often without success. When you do manage to train a successful SDR/BDR, he often wants to make another move after a year and you start from scratch.


  • Experienced Sales Architect with at least 8 years of B2B experience
  • Stop burning resource on 'bad hires'
  • The difference between making the big deal or not
  • A more effective sales force and therefore less stress and hassle.
  • Building predictable outbound playbooks

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