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Outbound sales

Aren't we all looking for a reliable lead generation channel that is qualitative and predictable?

Many companies fail at the beginning of the sales funnel. Not enough qualitative appointments are generated with your ideal customers. With the right outbound prospecting strategy, you can build a machine that can generate qualified appointments in a predictable way. Positive contact moments across different channels, with content that suits the target group are crucial in this strategy.

One of the most important parts of making this strategy work is making the right people responsible for a specific part of the sales funnel. Sales is one thing, prospecting is another. The best sales people are often the worst prospectors. When they do take the trouble to pick it up, you get stuck in a yo-yo effect where you cannot guarantee continuity. If the roles are divided, it often happens that they have to be carried out by a junior. Someone without experience in the market, without sales experience, without the right tooling. You invest in the training programme, but in the end it doesn’t pay off.

You have the content knowledge, we have the sales development expertise.


  • Do not waste resources on "bad hires".
  • Focus on the core and outsource sales development to experts
  • We build proven playbooks that can be copied and repeated

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