The success of Outbound Strategy with WP Masters


WP Masters is specialized in designing and building online solutions that make customers more successful online. WP Masters began as a WordPress development company and continues to be rooted in this core competency. Today, WP Masters offers a wide range of services, from online strategy and website design to marketing and communication management, and even app development, positioning them as a leading provider of WordPress development and marketing solutions.


Despite being in a high-demand market, WP Masters struggled to generate a steady pipeline of leads. By outsourcing their outbound strategy to Saleslift Studio, they could reach predictable lead generation and faster growth while freeing up internal resources for other tasks.

“Keeping a steady stream of clients requires putting in the dedication and time, and that’s where Saleslift Studio comes in with the right techniques to make it happen.”
Thijs Verhoeven – Owner of WP Masters


Saleslift Studio experimented with various approaches and refined their outreach strategy until it was fully optimized, ultimately leading to positive responses and productive appointments.


Saleslift Studio’s outreach endeavors involve the use of unique materials tailored to their audience, including WP Masters’ internal stories. By incorporating these bespoke elements into their campaigns, they can deliver a more personalized message that resonates with their target market. Regular communication between teams ensures a smooth execution of the campaigns, maintaining brand consistency and ensuring that the outreach efforts align with the company’s goals and values. This collaborative approach guarantees optimal results and a successful outcome for Saleslift Studio’s outreach initiatives.


Saleslift Studio has achieved impressive results in bringing on board new clients, contributing to a staggering 25% of WP Masters’ overall business portfolio.

This growth is ongoing, and the campaigns continue to deliver an average of 6 meetings per month with a diverse array of companies across various industries, expanding the scope of WP Masters with new clients and industries that have not been previously considered.

This partnership highlights the impact and effectiveness of Saleslift Studio in expanding the scope of prospects for new businesses.