The perfect sales environment


During the Olympics, you constantly hear about the creation of the ultimate training environment to facilitate peak performance. I’ve seen someone sit on a bicycle in the middle of a Sauna to mimic oppressive heat. Athletes go on an altitude acclimatization course with their whole team, train, eat, sleep in a bubble. Nothing is too crazy. In the working environment we actually do too little with this.

Many companies who are about to set up their sales organization or have undertaken the first steps often have difficulty devising and formulating the next stages needed to build that sales team. But why is it so difficult to create the right sales environment if you don’t yet have one / are just starting out. 

Let’s start with a short description of someone who fulfills a sales role:

  • An individual who succeeds within sales whilst enjoying it at the same time generally thrives from positive energy. Are comfortable environment in which they can spar with individuals who know what it’s like to be constantly working towards targets, KPIs and sometimes with setbacks.
  • They look for moments of success and these moments should be celebrated (big or small). This is where they derive that energy, buzz (dopamine) to continue in search of their next achievement.
  • Sales is lonely if you don’t work within a team, it’s even more isolating if those who surround you don’t have the same sales mindset. It’s even lonelier when things aren’t going well.
  • You want to motivate, help, inspire each other, hit the bell together, play ping pong, shoot a champagne cork at your colleagues or disturb the peace with your money gun. (Wink)

In short; Creating the right environment for a sales team is not that easy if you don’t have this preexisting sales ecosystem. It is difficult to understand and formulate the factors needed to create the correct success drivers. 

At Saleslift Studio it is of course logical that a sales environment is created that meets the aforementioned minimum requirements, however we also go a step further. We work in teams (also called pods) of different disciplines on the success of each customer. In addition, we have learning lab sessions where we also share experiences and knowledge throughout teams and thus share best practices to constantly evolve and improve. On a weekly basis, external courses and training are offered to take our knowledge to the next level, topics such as Social Selling, B2B copywriting and Email deliverability have already been taught this month.

If you want to grow as a company, sales is an essential part of the journey, you must do everything you can to create the right environment for your top athletes.