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How can the perfect combination between sales activation & brand building increase your sales development success?

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How can the perfect combination between sales activation & brand building increase your sales development success?

Last week I shared a video of Les Binet presenting the ideal combination between sales activation and brand building.

The core of our business is sales activation and short term results, we build modern sales development campaigns which produce a predictable number of new business meetings with your ICP. However we also initialise and build long term relationships with potential customers.

Parallel with personalised outreach which includes a clear CTA we run “Always On” campaigns focussed on brand building. Through this we try to stay at the forefront of each individual’s mind who matches the ICP criteria of our clients in the most relevant way. Throughout the year, without a CTA.

We call this Lead Cycling. The ability to get full benefit out of the valuable contacts you’ve invested in capturing. Minimising effort waste in searching, identifying and enriching your leads. In essence, don’t let them out of your sight.

The Always On campaign is focussed and dedicated to brand building. We try to achieve long term memories with inspiring content focussed on the emotion that can influence sales in the long term. Not only for the audience that is willing to buy now but the audience that is coming to the market in maybe 1, 2 or 3 years.

You can even broaden your audience with your brand building campaigns. When you stay at the forefront of prospects’ minds through brand building you build recognition for when it becomes relevant. When there is a need for your product or services it’s highly likely that you will be placed on top of the short list. You are able to use the power of your sales force and technology to work on your brand.

The consequence of implementing Always On within your sales development strategy with focus on the long term is that your sales activation campaigns will produce to a much higher level whilst delivering more consistency over time. The trick is to formulate the ideal way to orchestrate these activities over a prolonged period.

But that’s where Saleslift Studio steps in. And to quote (Guillaume Moubeche): B2B doesn’t have to stand for boring to boring.



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