Behind the Saleslift Studio Scenes: Floris

In these series we interview the people behind Saleslift Studio. Who are they, what kind of work do they do for our customers and what’s their view on modern sales? The kick off is with Floris Kuipers, Engagement Manager at Saleslift Studio. A natural sales talent, spotted by Terry van den Bemt in his previous role in the hospitality industry.


floris interviewed


Tell me something about yourself. What is your background?

My name is Floor(is) Kuipers, I am 25 years old and I have been working at Saleslift Studio since the beginning of 2021. After my studies, the Hoge Hotelschool, I started working in a hotel in Amsterdam. I got the opportunity there to taste all facets of the catering and hotel industry and that is where I eventually ended up at the Sales & Events department. In that position I received various sales training from The One and Only Sales Architect; Terry van den Bemt.

At the beginning of this year I came back in touch with Terry again and I decided to take a new adventure and join Saleslift Studio.

What exactly do you do at Saleslift Studio?

I am a Sales Engagement Manager at Saleslift Studio. This basically means that I plan a predictable number of ‘new business meetings’ for a number of customers with prospects who meet their ideal customer profile. We do this by reversing the inbound marketing method, using various online channels to share personal and relevant content with leads. If you want to know exactly how this works, I’ll be happy to tell you more about it during a call

What kind of clients do you work for?

At the moment I am working for a bunch of different clients such as SPRINT Insights (part of Blauw Research), advertising agency KesselsKramer and an IT consultancy agency. As you can see a diverse portfolio of clients, each with his or her interesting challenges, but all very nice companies to work for.

What do you think is the biggest sales challenge we solve for our customers?

I think that the biggest challenge for companies in the field of sales lies in making your new business method scalable. Many companies are very good at bringing in a new prospect or lead, but experience shows that as soon as these prospects are booked for a meeting or demo, the focus of the company shifts to follow-up conversations and the rest of the sales cycle. There is therefore no or less focus on fulling up the sales funnel. At Saleslift Studio, we are focused on constantly fulling this pipeline, so the company can continue to focus on the next steps in the sales cycle. A match made in heaven, I’d say.

Which trends do you see in the field of modern sales?

Of course, the use of new technologies is a recurring trend that continues to develop. This applies not only in sales but I think everywhere in society, but it certainly makes work and our lives in a way easier, more scalable and more fun. For example, the use of systems such as a sales engagement platform gives us the opportunity to approach large numbers of leads without losing the personal touch. I am therefore convinced that developments in these types of systems will continue in the coming years. As a result, email marketing and sales will become increasingly relevant and personal.

What is it like to work at Saleslift Studio?

It is really nice to work for a company that is less than a year old. I like being able to experience up close how a company evolves from a start-up to a scale-up. Besides the fact that you’re able to experience the development of the company, it is super interesting to work with different companies and to help with their growth strategy. You learn a lot from different markets and you meet a lot of different people along the way.

Add the best colleagues to the mix and you have a great working environment.

How do you see Saleslift Studio in 5 years?

I see Saleslift Studio growing into a multinational with a beautiful customer portfolio all over the world. I hope that we can continue our current growth pace in the coming years and that we can welcome many nice new colleagues and customers and that we can build modern sales machines together!

Do you want to know more about Saleslift Studio or about the work we do for our customers? Please contact