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How to improve your customer journey “DIY-style”?


We did a great workshop with Hotelchamp Sales Development Rep’s on how to improve their customer journey .

Here is a short explanation so you can have a “Do it yourself “ version. In this case your dream customer or favourite buyer persona already has been decribed.

1. Make teams. Mix up the whole company. The bigger the variety of functions per team the better.

2. Map out via Post-Its the whole customer journey. From “prospect” all the way up to “ambassador/fan” or “heaviest user possible”.

3. Take a look at Robert Cialdini’s 6 weapons of influence.

4. Each team takes 15–25 minutes to apply the first weapon of influence throughout the whole customer journey. ( Pro tip: use a different color post it for each “weapon”)

5. Each team presents the outcome of their brainstorm/collaboration to to the other teams and is rewarded with an ovational applause and constructive feedback.

6. Repeat step 4 & 5 for the remaining 5 weapons of influence.

7. Select a team that will take all the great input of the workshop and will make a “yessable” proposal of the new and improved customer journey to whoever you want to get it implemented.

8. If you want help? Or have any questions? Let me know.



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