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We’re hiring: Sales Engagement Manager (GERMAN SPEAKING)

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The role: 

As a Sales Engagement Manager you are responsible for an x amount of customers within Saleslift Studio. You make sure all operational tasks and goals are met. For these clients you manage their outbound prospecting campaigns; from design (together with the Sales Architect), to crafting the campaign, operational executing and continuous improvements.

The goal of these campaigns is to arrange meetings for your customers with their ideal customers and relevant prospects. Next to this, you make sure your customers are satisfied by delivering good results, great communication and offer them your learnings. We are not just working for our customers but with them.

On a daily basis you are running the campaigns: this means setting all the steps in the campaign you’ve designed in the strategy meeting and crafted in your copy writing time. You’re working closely with a Sales Operations Specialist who’s helping you out with finding the right prospects and researching them before you start. You are always in close contact with your customers to find the right angle for your outreach, so you make sure we are truly delivering the right tone of voice and information. Our customers are Founders, CEO’s, Managing Directors and Sales Leaders of different sized companies (startups, agencies, corporates). All campaigns are very different and that’s what keeps you creative and challenged.

As a Sales Engagement Manager you’re alway busy with getting better results from your campaigns. You do this by A/B testing, trying new techniques, (re)writing content and following training by external trainers we hire. You get a lot of freedom and responsibility to create your own way of working and to let your creativity flow. There’s no right or wrong; just always be giving your best.


  • Responsible for running X customers within Saleslift Studio (with the help of a Sales Architect and our Account Director)
  • Successfully execute the Outbound Prospecting Playbook, which is designed in the design phase
  • Joining and contribute to customer workshops
  • Orchestrating the right sales process 
  • Generation new meetings for your customers
  • Executing and monitoring your campaigns
  • Reporting and analysing within our internal dashboards
  • Working together with Sales Operations Specialists
  • Daily contact with your customers

What are we looking for in a candidate?

  • Someone who’s interested in sales
  • Someone who likes to work with customers and tries to become the best at it
  • Someone who’s tech savvy and likes to work with great tooling and technology
  • Someone willing to work on, and design result-driven sales campaigns
  • Someone who’s interested in content marketing and storytelling
  • A hands-on personality
  • An autonomous person
  • Someone who’s looking for a start-up / scale-up environment (with experienced people, but still)
  • German speaking (native or fluently speaking)


What is it like to work with us?

👩🏼‍🏫  A lot of time is spent on professional development; we have a Learning Lab every week (2 hrs) where we invite trainers on different subjects

🚀  The charme of working for a scale-up (fast growth, lots of responsibility, room for trial and error, lots of fun)

💻  You’ll get a MacBook

🍎  Every day free lunch, fruit and snacks on us!

🍻  Every Friday we have (digital or real life) drinks all together 

🏋🏻‍♂️  You’ll get a One Fit membership on us, we’d love you to stay healthy!

😃  A “gezellig” team 

🏠   You’re allowed to work from home if you want, also after COVID.


We’re located in Amsterdam, near the Amstel station. We’re currently with 35 people. 


About Saleslift Studio

Saleslift Studio helps ambitious organisations with their growth strategy. Our solutions allow companies to focus on their own products and services while we take care of the sales development part. We take care of the first part of the sales funnel, generating a constant flow of qualified appointments with your ideal customer. We take care of the entire process until the right person has an appointment in their calendar with exactly the person they want to speak to.

We specialise in high-quality outbound prospecting methods that can be used for new business, lead nurturing and customer success activities. We make use of the latest technological developments in the field of sales engagement. Together with the customer, we look for the most scalable way of personalised sales. Preparation, our experience in sales development and the content knowledge of the customer, relevant content and insights are the key drivers of our success.


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