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The Sales Architect

Design your optimal sales organisation

A good sales organisation is decisive for the success of your company. But how does sales work? And how do you do it well? Sales is no longer a one-dimensional trick. It is a multifaceted field that requires much more than a dose of enthusiasm and perseverance. Whether you are commercially responsible for a customer, a team or your own company, you have to make sure that you build up a well-oiled sales system. Moreover, it's not just about the number of customers, but about the right customers.

Do you really want to take sales seriously? Then you need to start with this book.


What do you know after reading this book?

  • How to design a successful commercial organisation.
  • What it takes to choose and convince the right customers.
  • How to run a commercial organisation well.
  • How to engage your people to be commercially successful together.
  • How to make a predictable commercial process.

The Sales Architect

Terry van den Bemt


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In De Sales Architect, Terry van den Bemt takes you through the full breadth of today's sales profession. From strategy and team and organizational structure to work processes and a healthy culture: everything is covered. With his thorough approach, you win time and customers, and you save yourself and your company a lot of stress and disappointment.

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Publication date:

march 2020
192 pages
9789047013594 |

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