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Best practices in outbound sales campaigns during the holiday for SDRs

Outbound Prospecting

Best practices in outbound sales campaigns during the holiday for SDRs


Interview with Floris Kuipers

How do you approach prospects during the holiday season?

With a cold drink and some air conditioning. No, I’m just kidding, I still approach my leads in the same way. However, email isn’t the best way to reach leads when they are on holiday. That’s why I make a lot of use of social media. For instance, there are a lot of leads laying on the beach with a cocktail that are still scrolling through their LinkedIn once in a while. Whenever you have an interesting topic that relates to the lead, the change is there that he is interested to find out more after his or her holiday. 

Do you use different email templates for the holiday period? If yes, what kind of different templates do you use?

Well a template is only a template, personally I think that for good outbound prospecting every template should be tailored to the individual that you’re approaching; personalization. The holiday period gives some great possibilities to play around with your personalization. Let’s say that you receive an out-of-office email from a lead saying that he or she is on a holiday in the south of France. Firstly, I will make sure that I have my next email would be ready to sent three days after the lead is supposed to be back from their holidays. Secondly, I would send them a personalized LinkedIn connection request saying you received his/hers OOO and that you hope that he/she is enjoying the nice beaches in France (or something else you picked up from their OOO message). If the connection request is accepted, you can thank them for connecting and tell them you will try to reach them once he/she is back from holiday. 

Do you change the frequency of the contact moments with your prospects?

Yes, when you receive an out-of-office reply I would always change the date for the next contact moment to the moment when they are back in the office (preferably three days after, so they have some time to go to settle down after their holidays) 

Do you use any specific words/phrases or/and change your tone of voice?

Holiday or no holiday, I think that every lead should get the same treatment as usual. Meaning that we should be personal and relevant towards every lead that we approach. Of course, you can play around with any kind of information that you’ll find in someone’s Out-of-office reply or even on their LinkedIn page. Because in this way your lead knows that it’s a human being behind that email or message and not some kind of robot. The more specific, the better the results. 

Curious how you can play around with your templates, personalization, subject lines etc. in times of holidays? I’m always open for a sparring session 😉 📩