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The role:

As a Sales Engagement Manager you are responsible for an x amount of customers within Saleslift Studio. You make sure all operational tasks and goals are met. For these clients you manage their outbound prospecting campaigns; from design (together with the Sales Architect), to crafting the campaign, operational executing and continuous improvements.

The goal of these campaigns is to arrange meetings for your customers with their ideal customers and relevant prospects. Next to this, you make sure your customers are satisfied by delivering good results, great communication and offer them your learnings. We are not just working for our customers but with them.

On a daily basis you are running the campaigns: this means setting all the steps in the campaign you’ve designed in the strategy meeting and crafted in your copy writing time. You’re working closely with a Sales Operations Specialist who’s helping you out with finding the right prospects and researching them before you start. You are always in close contact with your customers to find the right angle for your outreach, so you make sure we are truly delivering the right tone of voice and information. Our customers are Founders, CEO’s, Managing Directors and Sales Leaders of different sized companies (startups, agencies, corporates). All campaigns are very different and that’s what keeps you creative and challenged.

As a Sales Engagement Manager you’re alway busy with getting better results from your campaigns. You do this by A/B testing, trying new techniques, (re)writing content and following training by external trainers we hire. You get a lot of freedom and responsibility to create your own way of working and to let your creativity flow. There’s no right or wrong; just always be giving your best.


  • Responsible for running X customers within Saleslift Studio (with the help of a Sales Architect and our Account Director)
  • Successfully execute the Outbound Prospecting Playbook, which is designed in the design phase
  • Joining and contribute to customer workshops
  • Orchestrating the right sales process 
  • Generation new meetings for your customers
  • Executing and monitoring your campaigns
  • Reporting and analysing within our internal dashboards
  • Working together with Sales Operations Specialists
  • Daily contact with your customers

What are we looking for in a candidate?

  • Someone who’s interested in sales
  • Someone who likes to work with customers and tries to become the best at it
  • Someone who’s tech savvy and likes to work with great tooling and technology
  • Someone willing to work on, and design result-driven sales campaigns
  • Someone who’s interested in content marketing and storytelling
  • A hands-on personality
  • An autonomous person
  • Someone who’s looking for a start-up (with experienced people, but still)
  • Multilingual, (NL/ENG or another) is an absolute plus!


What is it like to work with us?

👩🏼‍🏫  A lot of time is spent on professional development; we have a Learning Lab every week (2 hrs) where we invite trainers on different subjects

🚀  The charme of working for a startup (fast growth, lots of responsibility, room for trial and error, lots of fun)

💻  You’ll get a MacBook

🍎  Every day free lunch, fruit and snacks on us!

🍻  Every Friday we have (digital or real life) drinks all together 

🏋🏻‍♂️  You’ll get a One Fit membership on us, we’d love you to stay healthy!

😃  A “gezellig” team 

🏠   You’re allowed to work from home if you want, also after COVID.


We’re located in Amsterdam, near the Amstel station. We’re currently with 25 people. 


About Saleslift Studio

Saleslift Studio helps ambitious organisations with their growth strategy. Our solutions allow companies to focus on their own products and services while we take care of the sales development part. We take care of the first part of the sales funnel, generating a constant flow of qualified appointments with your ideal customer. We take care of the entire process until the right person has an appointment in their calendar with exactly the person they want to speak to.

We specialise in high-quality outbound prospecting methods that can be used for new business, lead nurturing and customer success activities. We make use of the latest technological developments in the field of sales engagement. Together with the customer, we look for the most scalable way of personalised sales. Preparation, our experience in sales development and the content knowledge of the customer, relevant content and insights are the key drivers of our success.


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In these series we interview the people behind Saleslift Studio. Who are they, what kind of work do they do for our customers and what’s their view on modern sales? The episode we’re talking to Jamie Petterson, Sales Director at Saleslift Studio. Born and based in the UK and running our international team from there. Jamie has years of experience in sales (Expedia, Travelbird) and is therefor a great mentor for our entire team. 


Jamie Petterson

Nice to talk to you Jamie! Tell me something about yourself. What is your background?

I have a vastly varied sales background spanning a number of industries and leaving a number of countries in my wake. I would describe my first foray into sales as a trial by fire. Travelling in Australia after University I had to grab the first job which came my way and ended up in a cut throat call centre within Sydney suburb. I remember vividly having to lie under my desk as the dialler system ran through call after call, pitch after pitch in order for the customer to hear me. Working in such an environment enabled me to not only quickly hone my skills but also appreciate the sales cycle and how to build an instant rapport with the prospect.

Then I managed to merge my passion for sales with a passion for travel, moving to Amsterdam, Vietnam and then Bristol working for a start up, a scale up and the household name Expedia Group where I was a Market Manager for a number of years. 

The variety of company size, location and industry has not only clearly shown me the different challenges faced across the board but also the multiple solutions utlised and applied. 


What exactly do you do at Saleslift Studio?

I am extremely proud and excited about recently being made Director of Sales for Saleslift Studio. I have a wide range of daily tasks but my top priority is simply ensuring that our valued partners are happy. Facilitating them with new business contacts at the right time, person, place and having already pre qualified interest…consistently. I am also responsible for the international team within Saleslift Studio, international referring to all accounts and campaigns that run outside of The Netherlands. 


What kind of clients do you work for?

The exciting thing about Saleslift Studio is that we have a vast variety of partners. From startups to well established household names in a multitude of industries.  Each day is exciting because we get to put a new hat on. Today I’m working for a top advertising firm, tomorrow I shall delve into the work of market research which dives deep into cross-cultural values before following up the day after working for an creative content animation company.


What do you think is the biggest sales challenge we solve for our customers?

We solve a vast array of challenges for partners on a daily basis. From setting up a sales structure, campaign, ensuring ever changing privacy laws are adhered to, training, copywriting, conducting different outreach strategies, stimulating company growth…the list goes on. 

However I think the biggest challenge we solve is being able to do all this with consistency. Time and time again. Delivering value on this steady basis ensures high return on investment and client satisfaction whilst minimising risk. 


Which trends do you see in the field of modern sales?

During Covid there has been a rapid shift on how sales and especially B2B sales has transformed. No longer can you simply pick up the phone, google a number and deliver a cold call to a prospective client. These numbers are frequently unmanned with your prospect working from their home office (or kitchen table).  This means that there has been a large dynamic change from traditional colder outreach methods to a softer multifaceted approach. Adding multiple intuitive outreach contact moments to sift through the competition and ensure messaging resonates with the correct individual. 

Ever changing technology is also a trend in modern sales. From the evolving Google mail filters which identify and block outreach emails to software designed to mimic human actions to overcome these blockers… keeping up to date is key to success. 


What is it like to work at Saleslift Studio? 

I am a big believer in choosing a company which is right for you. We spend the majority of our lives working so I want to ensure that I’m having fun whilst I do so with a good work life balance.  Saleslift Studio has certainly ticked all these boxes. 

Their drive for success, innovation and to be market leaders is evident whilst at the same time commanding an envious working environment with multiple perks.  This not only means that we as a team are learning and bettering ourselves everyday but also enjoying it whilst it’s happening.  

How do you see Saleslift Studio in 5 years? 

The next 5 years are guaranteed to be a very exciting time for Saleslift Studio. We are growing rapidly and evolving each day for the better. We already have an international team with individuals established within the UK and Netherlands but I can envisage multiple offices at key locations throughout the globe delivering sustainable growth worldwide. That is my personal vision and one I am striving towards. 

In addition to this we are already establishing ourselves as innovation leaders within sales technology, did you know we already have an app on the google store? In 5 years I can see Saleslift Studio at the innovative forefront of not only sales software but also sales methods and modern tactics as a whole

Thanks for this interview, Jamie!


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In these series we interview the people behind Saleslift Studio. Who are they, what kind of work do they do for our customers and what’s their view on modern sales? The episode we’re talking to Chantall Bebb, Engagement Manager at Saleslift Studio. An international sales talent, born in Rio de Janeiro and raised between the UK, Brazil and the USA.

Foto Chantall Bebb

Hi Chantall! Tell me something about yourself. What is your background?

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and was raised between the UK, Brazil and the USA. I come from a hospitality and business background. I kicked off my business career working for Merritt Properties, one of the most seasoned construction services and redevelopment companies in the Mid-Atlantic area. After a couple of years working in the USA I returned to Brazil and had the opportunity to become an Executive Assistant to the CFO at the Brazilian Olympic Committee. Back then, I joined the year after Brazil had won the rights to host the 2016 Olympic Games. Working there gave me the first taste of a company in hyper growth.  


In 2014 I decided to go for a new adventure and moved to Amsterdam where I took on a degree and graduated in Tourism & Business.  My sales career was launched accidentally at a startup in the Netherlands in 2017. I was looking for an internship and landed a job as BDR for 18 months selling a hospitality SaaS solution. I started in the small accounts in the UK/IE market to then focus on enterprise accounts in the global luxury hotel chains market.  I later progressed to Director of Sales Development where I had the honor to lead a team of 7 SDRs for nearly 2 years. 


What exactly do you do at Saleslift Studio?

I am a Sales Engagement Manager, my role consists of strategy and consultancy for customers that want to do sales development and feed their funnel with new prospects. The main focus is to help customers design their GTM strategies and define their ICP based on the TAM in different industries they want to approach. 


What kind of clients do you work for?

I work for businesses in different industries and verticals. My BoB consists of 3-4 accounts that are at different growth stages. I have well established brands that have been around for 25 years and are looking to increase their pipeline with new meetings to customers who are at an MVP stage where they are looking to see if their product has a product/market fit. My customers offer a broad range of products and services such as marketing agencies to tech solutions. 


What do you think is the biggest sales challenge we solve for our customers?

Building a qualified pipeline is not easy. Having the right market intelligence, sales insights, and not having to commit to building an entire team in order to figure out if a market or product works. 

Most companies want to expand their business and explore new markets but don’t have enough time to invest in their GTM strategies for sales development. Business leaders often find themselves treading new waters which can be overwhelming especially when they are trying to improve products or services at the same time that they want to expand. 

Some business leaders might know a lot about their products and what they are selling but often they don’t know what’s happening in the market or their own industries. Having a dedicated sales development partner that’s “been there and done that” saves a lot of time and energy which can be spent doing what business leaders do best – developing their business and leading their team through growth.  


Which trends do you see in the field of modern sales?

Outsourcing the sales function and having a grasp on social selling. The salesperson is a deciding factor in whether buyers chose to purchase from one company or another. Customer loyalty is not the result of the product, company, or service, but the behaviours of the salespeople. In order to sell effectively companies will need experts in social selling and neuroscience to be heard in between all the noise.  


What is it like to work at Saleslift Studio? 

It’s exciting to be part of a company that is still at early stages of growth but has already achieved so much. We’re doing really well with hybrid and remote setup, the onboarding process is one of the least complex I’ve experienced, and even though we’re growing fast there’s a lot of room to share ideas. We have great brands onboard and a team of sales and prospecting specialists that are extremely fun to work with. 


How do you see Saleslift Studio in 5 years? 

Five years is way too long in rapid changing times 🙂  My answer would be 2 years from now, I see Saleslift Studio becoming a platform and industry leader for companies that want to become even more specialized in doing sales. Working with hundreds of well-known brands, being a trusted partner for companies globally and having a global team that is constantly and consistently expanding. 


Thank you, Chantall!


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In these series we interview the people behind Saleslift Studio. Who are they, what kind of work do they do for our customers and what’s their view on modern sales? The kick off is with Floris Kuipers, Engagement Manager at Saleslift Studio. A natural sales talent, spotted by Terry van den Bemt in his previous role in the hospitality industry.




Tell me something about yourself. What is your background?

My name is Floor(is) Kuipers, I am 25 years old and I have been working at Saleslift Studio since the beginning of 2021. After my studies, the Hoge Hotelschool, I started working in a hotel in Amsterdam. I got the opportunity there to taste all facets of the catering and hotel industry and that is where I eventually ended up at the Sales & Events department. In that position I received various sales training from The One and Only Sales Architect; Terry van den Bemt.

At the beginning of this year I came back in touch with Terry again and I decided to take a new adventure and join Saleslift Studio.

What exactly do you do at Saleslift Studio?

I am a Sales Engagement Manager at Saleslift Studio. This basically means that I plan a predictable number of ‘new business meetings’ for a number of customers with prospects who meet their ideal customer profile. We do this by reversing the inbound marketing method, using various online channels to share personal and relevant content with leads. If you want to know exactly how this works, I’ll be happy to tell you more about it during a call 😉

What kind of clients do you work for?

At the moment I am working for a bunch of different clients such as SPRINT Insights (part of Blauw Research), advertising agency KesselsKramer and an IT consultancy agency. As you can see a diverse portfolio of clients, each with his or her interesting challenges, but all very nice companies to work for.

What do you think is the biggest sales challenge we solve for our customers?

I think that the biggest challenge for companies in the field of sales lies in making your new business method scalable. Many companies are very good at bringing in a new prospect or lead, but experience shows that as soon as these prospects are booked for a meeting or demo, the focus of the company shifts to follow-up conversations and the rest of the sales cycle. There is therefore no or less focus on fulling up the sales funnel. At Saleslift Studio, we are focused on constantly fulling this pipeline, so the company can continue to focus on the next steps in the sales cycle. A match made in heaven, I’d say.

Which trends do you see in the field of modern sales?

Of course, the use of new technologies is a recurring trend that continues to develop. This applies not only in sales but I think everywhere in society, but it certainly makes work and our lives in a way easier, more scalable and more fun. For example, the use of systems such as a sales engagement platform gives us the opportunity to approach large numbers of leads without losing the personal touch. I am therefore convinced that developments in these types of systems will continue in the coming years. As a result, email marketing and sales will become increasingly relevant and personal.

What is it like to work at Saleslift Studio?

It is really nice to work for a company that is less than a year old. I like being able to experience up close how a company evolves from a start-up to a scale-up. Besides the fact that you’re able to experience the development of the company, it is super interesting to work with different companies and to help with their growth strategy. You learn a lot from different markets and you meet a lot of different people along the way.

Add the best colleagues to the mix and you have a great working environment.

How do you see Saleslift Studio in 5 years?

I see Saleslift Studio growing into a multinational with a beautiful customer portfolio all over the world. I hope that we can continue our current growth pace in the coming years and that we can welcome many nice new colleagues and customers and that we can build modern sales machines together!

Do you want to know more about Saleslift Studio or about the work we do for our customers? Please contact

We at Saleslift Studio recently had the privilege to sit down with our valued partner, the creative Frank de Blok from Content Animators. 

He gave us insight as to the trials and tribulations he faced from organic growth and how allocating the prospecting stage allowed him to focus on what was truly important to him, content animation, predictable sustainable growth and return on investment.

We have been working together for about a year, can you tell us what is the main reason you wanted to partner with Saleslift Studio?

We are a start-up and we employ people who are mainly involved in making animation videos. We want to focus on this, because that is what we are good at.

On the other hand, we don’t want to rely solely on organic growth. By outsourcing sales development to Saleslift Studio I can focus on Content Animators and I don’t have to worry about sales development. I only take action when it really matters.

In addition, I do not have the resources and knowledge to do this in-house with the same quality and speed. A nice side effect is of course that the risk is very low due to the flexible cooperation.

You have a proposition that is primarily on a project basis, how do you ensure that customers come back? What would the lifetime value of your customer be?

Indeed, we do not work with a licensing model or similar. But thanks to our quality and know how, customers tend to return several times a year with different projects. We do not only focus on the initial order value, but mainly consider the lifetime value of a customer. A qualitative solution from sales development fits in well with this.

Can you elaborate upon what Saleslift Studio has brought to Content Animators, without giving away too much personal information of course?

Our business case is quite clear; we receive an average of about 12 qualified appointments per month from your sales activities. We convert +/- 60% of this directly into an assignment within 3 months. We stay in touch with the rest of the contacts for when it becomes relevant.

We know the average first deal value of the customers and the lifetime value of the customer. By completing this calculation, we can precisely calculate the ROI of our collaboration. We are still working together so it has been going very well so far.

You naturally create content, what exactly do you do and how do you think this can be best applied?

We help customers achieve a better reach through the use of animation videos. With this our customers experience a higher impact with their marketing / communication campaigns and achieve measurably better results.

Animation video can be used for any organization (formal or informal) and in numerous ways. It is especially important that the message is tailored to the goal and target group of the customer.

In addition, the video should mainly be about solving the customer’s “problems” and not so much focussed on the company itself. A short and concise message combined with a high-profile design ensures the desired result.

Finally; how do you see the future in the field of marketing and sales. We try to bring them together, but what trends do you see among your customers in this area?


Evolution of traditional Marketing & Sales: We see that during this corona crisis, mainly traditional forms of Marketing & Sales, which are not measurable or deliver demonstrable results, are being phased out more quickly. So following up measurable marketing campaigns with sales so that demonstrable results are achieved, or strengthening your sales funnels with valuable marketing content, we see as an increasingly important focus.


Video Marketing: We see that better results can be achieved with video marketing, because video is not only faster but also easier to consume whilst being more appealing than, for example, a piece of text. We see combining sales funnels with video / animation video is highly effective. This way you can not only explain propositions / products or services more easily, you can also literally give the organization a face, making a message much more personal resulting in much higher engagement.


Analytics / automation: What we see a lot is that marketing and sales must be tracked, so that the impact can be measured and managed accordingly. Furthermore, we see both sales and marketing becoming increasingly automated in content flows. In this way you not only create awareness, but you can also manage to achieve a concrete result by providing leads with the right content throughout the entire sales funnel.

Thank you Frank for all your insights and knowledge. They have been truly stimulating and we know the learnings can be applied as best practise for a multitude of organisations. 

May we also take this opportunity to welcome any readers to contact us directly on the below details as we are more than happy to evaluate your current growth strategy and provide a free playbook on how to grow your business to the next level.