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Best practices in outbound sales campaigns during the holiday for SDRs

Outbound Prospecting

Best practices in outbound sales campaigns during the holiday for SDRs


Interview with Jamie Petterson

How do you approach prospects during the holiday season?

Whilst many sales people look towards the holiday season with trepidation we look at the holiday season with opportunity. 

An opportunity to engage with prospects in a way which other periods don’t allow but also opportunity to collect data. 

Firstly, engaging prospects. A lot of sales people in my opinion really forget about integrating a human aspect into their approach. They are too focussed on delivering the true value of their product / service, identifying the USP’s and how to beat the competition. One of the most difficult aspects of prospecting in a modern world (where we rely less on the spoken word and more on the written) is to initiate and build rapport. An out of office gives us opportunities. How was your holiday? Do you have any tips? Were the kids a nightmare? This is rapport which wasn’t afforded to the sales person during other times of year. 

Secondly, collecting data. When is the prospect back from their holiday? Great, let’s schedule an email 3 days after they return and ask how their holiday was whilst explaining that you wanted to wait a couple of days to let them settle back in. What does their out of office say? Is there another decision maker which can be identified? Are their clear instructions left on when you can send a follow up email or how they prefer you to get in contact?  

Overall don’t make the mistake where you discontinue sales operations during the holiday season. You will be losing opportunities alongside connecting with your prospects on an individual human level. 

Do you use different email templates for the holiday period? If yes what kind of different templates do you use?

Overall we don’t change templates specifically for a holiday period. The templates we are currently use are developed over time and in place based on conversion metrics analysing and taking into consideration statistics which are statistically significant. 

A tailored tweak to the template based on yearly circumstances such as holidays, high season / low season or market fluctuations is best. 

Seasonality and holiday periods are a good opportunity to test the use of a successful template by creating a relevant seasonal variant. How do your prospects react when they receive your most successful template with a photo of a santa saying “ho ho ho” or you offering a conversation over an “iced coffee” due to the heat?

Do you change the frequency of the contact moments with your prospects?

This depends on the holiday. Of course during the Christmas season it is necessary to avoid sending outreach between Christmas and New Year. However, for the summer period who knows when the prospect is on holiday? If you are to alter the frequency during the summer you will also lose the aforementioned benefits.

As also previously mentioned if we do receive an out of office we do schedule the next message ideally 3 days after the prospects return and use this as a rapport building opportunity. 

Do you use any specific words/phrases or/and change your tone of voice?

We treat every prospect as an individual (and rightly so)! This means that a change of tone or voice is not unique to the holiday period but unique to the information we find during our research and tone changes accordingly. 

“Oh I saw you were an Ajax fan – The game last night was amazing!”

“I saw on LinkedIn that you were working from Thailand – I’m unbelievably jealous, did I also see a Mai Thai on the table?”

Tone, words and phrases are unique to the circumstances, not just the season.